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September 13, 2012


We often wonder why spousal abuse has not been reduced in third world countries. Why are the women not given shelter away from the abuser? Why are the numbers abused as high as seventy percent of the women? Once we see some of the causes, hopefully we can then address each and gradually reduce this number. A starter list:

  • Even though there may be a law on the book prohibiting abuse of women, there is no rule of law to back it up.
  • Even if there is a law, the police may not have technical capability and testing facilities to prove a woman’s case.
  • Weak judicial systems not willing to follow through
  • Women are poorly educated and economically dependent on their spouses. They can find no work outside the home. They also may be hesitant to testify in a court.
  • As in courts everywhere, there is the he said/she said issue.
  • There is a culture of silence within an extended family about all things that happen there.
  • As we have mentioned before, arranged marriages are common and can result in a union of two incompatible people.
  • The courts value community continuity over the individual’s rights. In this atmosphere, a trial about spousal abuse would be considered quite disruptive.
  • Men often believe that it is their right to hit their wives if they displease them for any reason.
  • A woman must obtain her husband’s permission to go out of the home. This goes back to the chattel issue discussed previously. 

I can only hope that with worldwide Twitter and other media-conversations, that women, and their husbands, will begin to realize that a woman who is educated and free to make up her own mind will be a benefit to the family and society. 

I know you must have your own ideas about this issue. Please share them with us. You may respond to or comment on this post or e mail me at As always, we benefit from your comments.


Peace, CLW


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